Who I Am+My Style Blog

Photo belongs to www.GlynLowe.com
Photo belongs to http://www.GlynLowe.com

Hello all! I’m S.A. or Shalida Ann, maybe you know me from my writing blog S.A. the Writer. If you don’t, that’s fine, it’s nice to meet you! I’m not really new at blogging, I’ve actually been blogging since I was 17 so almost six years I’m getting old. My first blog was actually a fashion blog. I did that for three years but eventually grew tired of the fashion blogging industry. I then started my writing blog to help my anxiety. Which has been amazing for me, I love it.

But guess what? I decided to start a new fashion style blog! I’m going to call this a style blog because it will be focused more on what I like. It’s funny because I’m actually doing this for a class, but I’m taking it as a sign to get back into what I love. 

I’ll be doing both blogs, this one because I kind of have ( I’m still excited though) to for my class of course, but my writing blog because I love it and have a strong community of readers, that I hope will visit my new style blog as well. So welcome to S.A. and Style, expect my personal style, and maybe even some tips I live by!


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