Photo by by Cristian Dina
Photo belongs to Cristian Dina

I’m so excited for autumn weather. For me the autumn brings forth the comfiest fashion. I love to layer my clothes and add knits into my wardrobe. It’s still summer technically but I’m already counting down the days til I can wear layers without passing out from heatstroke.

I’m not the only blogger looking forward to autumn. Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes is already styling autumn outfits. You can check out her original post HERE.

The list I have for my favorite fall pieces is so long that this blog post would become unbearable to read, but one thing I’m looking forward to is faux fur and knits. Hats also play a huge role in my autumn wardrobe. If you find the perfect hat you can wear it with any outfit.

Another staple I like to add is a motorcycle jacket. It’s a piece that can be worn throughout autumn, and depending how you layer and where you live, winter as well. A lot of people look forward to boots but I honestly wear them too much all the time, they’re my favorite!

What are clothing items are you looking forward to this autumn, or are you just ready for the Starbucks seasonal drinks? I won’t judge, I promise, I’m overly excited for them.


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