Dear Sara Bauknecht+Fashion Bloggers



Hi Sarah, I’m Shalida I’m a journalism student at Point Park University. I read your article about NYFW and I have to be honest and say that it was written well, but your attitude towards fashion bloggers, or I think you called us ” self-described internet sensations” was very mean, almost degrading.

I’m 23 right now and when I was 17 I started a fashion blog called The Fashion Wheel. I did this blog for a few years but decided to move on from it. I can say that it helped me grow as a young journalist and introduced me to the fashion journalism world.  It was my job, I was a kid but it was my job. I loved every moment of it. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me.

This is my new fashion blog. I decided to start a new one for a class and because I honestly missed the fashion blogging community. A community full of hard workers that put money, time, and effort into their JOB. Sara, you work for the Post-Gazette, you work for a publication and that is the only thing that separates you from us.

Brands contact us to work on projects, designers invite us to their shows, because we have a following, we have supporters, we are the future of this industry.  Journalism is changing, fashion journalism is changing. I have to learn about blogging and social media in order to get my journalism degree. You can’t ignore that Sara. We’re not just some silly girls siting in our rooms taking photos of our closets. We are studying trends, we are studying designers, we are working so hard. Please don’t think I’m being disrespectful, but maybe harder than you, because we don’t have a publication to back us up. We do it on our own.

Not only did you unknowingly insult me but you insulted the other local fashion bloggers here in Pittsburgh. We love this city and want to showcase it’s fashion scene. We admire the Post-Gazette, we dream of working there and being fashion writers, and we hope our skills as bloggers will help us get there. Madison is a fashion blogger and journalism student at Point Park also in Pittsburgh, she is also my best friend. She went to Teen Vogue this past spring to learn about the industry. She works hard and deserves everything she gets.  Alex Perry is a recent graduate of Point Park and now works for Zulily as a writer, I can guarantee you her blogging skills helped her get that job.

I’m asking you to please respect us as your equal. We’re not given things. We work very hard for what we have. Fashion blogging isn’t going anywhere. Don’t unintentionally insult your future coworkers, or maybe editors.



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