What’s In My Bag+Slideshow

Hello lovely people! I’ve been so busy this weekend, and technology hates me I’ve realized. But that’s okay because tomorrow is a new day and let’s hope it treats me better.

Now I have to confess something to you all. I have an obsession. I’m obsessed with looking at what people carry around with them. I know it may be creepy, but it really amazes me. You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry in their purse. I actually put together a slideshow of what I carry around with me. You can check it out HERE. I would love it if you guys could try to figure me out by just looking at the contents in my bag.



I wanted to update you all about my last post. My intentions were only to voice my opinion and not to come off as aggressive.towards anyone. I spoke with Sara and we both agreed that there was a sense of miscommunication in her article. She reassured me that she has all of the respect for fashion bloggers and that she supports local fashion bloggers. She was very kind and understanding, and gave me her email address to talk to her if I ever needed to. She will be clarifying her article soon, and I will be sure to share that with you all.


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