Alex Perry+Working in the Fashion Industry


Photo belongs to Alex Perry
Photo belongs to Alex Perry
Photo belongs to Alex Perry

The fashion industry is a whirlwind of an industry to work in. Trends determine everything. Style is key. To many this industry seems intimidating but to a few it seems like a dream come true.  Working in the field of your dreams is satisfying and Alex Perry, a graduate of Point Park University knows this all too well.  Perry was a journalism major at Point Park and the former Fashion Club president. She used all of her skills learned here is Point Park to build herself a nice career for a recent college graduate.

Perry had a different idea as to where her career would go when she was still in school. “I started school wanting to write for Rolling Stone, transitioned into wanting to write fashion, and ended up doing that,” Perry said. Now she works for the online fashion company Zulily as a copywriter. “I write copy for Zulily, and get to write about everything from apparel to gear to beauty. I still blog as often as I can and recently launched my own business,” Perry explained.

Perry took a different route as a journalism major in school and decided to take PR-related internships. This helped her determine that she wanted to join together the story-telling part of journalism and the “interactive side of PR.”  An interesting fact about Perry is that she went through school never questioning if “Will this get me a job?” she did it because she loved it “I loved writing, I loved my school, so I went with it.” Perry said.

A highlight about working the fashion industry for Perry is the passion people have. She loves witnessing how others view fashion as an art form and not just in a materialistic matter. Even though she’s working in the industry now, she still has more things in mind, “I’m working on making my own dream job. I would like to work from home while managing social media for businesses as well as running events, engaging a readership, collaborating with other talented individuals, getting work published, traveling to cover fashion shows and events, spending time volunteering and building up my community.” Perry explained.

When asked about what trends she’s looking forward to she said she’s looking forward to western inspired fashion.  She also had some tips for the college student interested in updating their wardrobe, “A tip I would have been given years ago – work on a capsule wardrobe. Stop stocking up on .cheap, limited-longevity threads. Invest in good boots, good jeans, opt for organic cotton and buy local.” Not surprising,  when asked about her biggest accomplishment she said giving birth and raising her one year old daughter was, along with graduating from Point Park two months after giving birth.

Sometimes in school you may feel like you’re lost or that you need direction. Wanting to be in the fashion industry can be an overwhelming thought. But as you can see, it can be done. If you work hard and stay true to yourself anything is possible.

Be sure to check out Alex Perry’s website  Perry Rose Media

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