Flannel+Nifty Thrifty Review


Hello! The weather hasn’t been so bad and I’ve been able to wear my new flannel. I have a funny story about this flannel though. I actually ordered it online from Nifty Thrifty. The cool thing about this shop is that you receive a mystery flannel. This means that the only thing you choose is the size you want. They then send you out a vintage worn in flannel. I love this, mostly because with any vintage piece of clothing I like to think of the story that goes with it. Who wore this shirt? What was their story?  This is probably just the writer in me but I think the best part about vintage clothing is knowing that there’s a story with everything you buy.

If you’re wondering why I bought something like this online instead of going to my local thrift store after I suffocated you all with thrifting info  I’ll tell you why. For one thing I was curious about the mystery flannel trend, yes it’s a trend going on right now. I also just didn’t have time to go to a physical store. Of course I paid a few extra dollars for one flannel when I would have only paid half the amount for a couple at a physical store. Either way I think that it was fun to get a mystery vintage item in the mail. I lucked up and received my favorite color, so that’s a plus to it.

If you don’t mind spending an extra couple of dollars on a flannel you won’t know the color of until you receive it, I say check out Nifty Thrifty. They’re understanding and offer exchanges and returns. Happy Autumn guys, get out and enjoy something pumpkin flavored or go to a baseball game in your flannel, maybe a Pirates game(totally didn’t watch the game this week), maybe not. The choice is yours.


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