Como La Flor+ How To Style


Orange is the New Black actress Jackie Cruz recently released a cover of Selena Quintanilla’s hit song Como La Flor. Como La Flor was a major hit for Selena. The song is about a girl who watches her lover fall for another girl. She watches the love she once shared with him wither away like a flower.

Not only did Jackie do an amazing job covering the song, but she did an amazing with the fashion for the video. From red lips to denim, the video showcases an urban fashion vibe giving the 90s hit song a modern twist.

I picked out a few way’s to recreate the styles Jackie wears in the video.

A great red lipstick is your first item to get.

Photo credit: Besame Cosmetics CLICK THE PHOTO TO PURCHASE
Photo credit: Besame Cosmetics


I swear by this lipstick, a few years ago I was sent this particular shade cherry red  to review and fell in love with it. The lipstick not only comes in a gold tube but the actual lipstick never moves from your lips. It’s perfect for long busy days, because you rarely have to fix it.

Photo credit CastawayVintage

A vintage denim jacket adds a cool girl vibe to your outfit. It screams urban chic. Toss it over a tee and a pair of ripped dark colored jeans or a skirt.



Photo credit petitepanoply
Photo credit petitepanoply

A band tee is a great way to recreate Jackie’s look from the video. It’s an effortless addition to your outfit. Bonus points if you find a band you really like. my favorite thing about band tees is the versatility they offer. I’ve dressed them down and dress them up. It’s a blank canvas.


I hope you all enjoyed the cover and the fashion tips!



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