Cozy+Winter Style

Winter weather definitely isn’t here yet( or at least here in Pittsburgh), but that definitely doesn’t change the fact that chunky sweaters and warm coats tease us as they hang in our closets. If you’re like me I love layering. I love being able to put together an outfit with multiple layers. if I get too warm I can remove as many layers as needed. Being a native of Cleveland and living so close to Lake Erie taught me how to stay stylish but extremely warm. Trust me, freezing your fingers off is not fashionable. I know technically it’s still fall but when did people follow the rules. I’m looking at you early Christmas people.

I thought I would show you all some cozy items that your wardrobe might enjoy. All items are from Nasty Gal, and range in prices for every wallet.

(Random tidbit: if you remember in my what’s in my bag I mentioned how old my wallet was. Well, it finally saw its last days and broke. I finally bought a new designer one from Burlington Coat Factory for $7! Yes, you read that correctly a designer wallet for $7. Funny thing though, I don’t even have close to $7 in it. Hey, baby steps.)

Photo belongs to Nasty Gal. Click photo to purchase.

There are so many things great about this sweater. For one things it’s a sweater and sweaters are great just because they exist. But this sweater is striped and has a high neck. Functional and fashionable.

Photo belongs to Nasty Gal. Click photo to purchase.

People this hat is why I need money in my new wallet! This hat is the definition of cozy. I want to cry from excitement from just looking at this hat. The color, the knitted element, the safety pin detail. This hat screams WINTER.

Photo belongs to Nasty Gal. Click photo to purchase.

Yeah I know this probably won’t keep you warm, but look at it. It’s cozy and fluffy. It’s a perfect accessory to add to your winter wardrobe. The color of the shearling is modern and spot on for this season. Pair it with a dress or sweat/skirt combo to really be in the Christmas cold weather spirit.

I hope you enjoyed this post, have fun being stylish!

*Also, Nasty Gal DID NOT sponsor this post.


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