Boutique La Passerelle+Winter Fashion Tips

Adele and Anna invited me to chat with them about winter trends and their boutique I was very excited about this and i really hope you all enjoy it. I absolutely adore both Adele and Anna and will definitely go back to BLP. It’s such a warming environment. The best part about the shop is that Adele and Anna travel to different countries to pick out clothes to bring back for the boutique (guys, seriously my dream job: traveling and fashion). If you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh please visit these two amazing women! I’ll leave all of their contact information below. Enjoy the videos guys!

Adele and Anna invited me to their clothing store Boutique La Passerelle to talk about winter trends. I hope you enjoy this video, and if you’re ever in Pittsburgh please visit the boutique.

Boutique La Passerelle contact information:

417 Wood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 434-1325




Cozy+Winter Style

Winter weather definitely isn’t here yet( or at least here in Pittsburgh), but that definitely doesn’t change the fact that chunky sweaters and warm coats tease us as they hang in our closets. If you’re like me I love layering. I love being able to put together an outfit with multiple layers. if I get too warm I can remove as many layers as needed. Being a native of Cleveland and living so close to Lake Erie taught me how to stay stylish but extremely warm. Trust me, freezing your fingers off is not fashionable. I know technically it’s still fall but when did people follow the rules. I’m looking at you early Christmas people.

I thought I would show you all some cozy items that your wardrobe might enjoy. All items are from Nasty Gal, and range in prices for every wallet.

(Random tidbit: if you remember in my what’s in my bag I mentioned how old my wallet was. Well, it finally saw its last days and broke. I finally bought a new designer one from Burlington Coat Factory for $7! Yes, you read that correctly a designer wallet for $7. Funny thing though, I don’t even have close to $7 in it. Hey, baby steps.)

Photo belongs to Nasty Gal. Click photo to purchase.

There are so many things great about this sweater. For one things it’s a sweater and sweaters are great just because they exist. But this sweater is striped and has a high neck. Functional and fashionable.

Photo belongs to Nasty Gal. Click photo to purchase.

People this hat is why I need money in my new wallet! This hat is the definition of cozy. I want to cry from excitement from just looking at this hat. The color, the knitted element, the safety pin detail. This hat screams WINTER.

Photo belongs to Nasty Gal. Click photo to purchase.

Yeah I know this probably won’t keep you warm, but look at it. It’s cozy and fluffy. It’s a perfect accessory to add to your winter wardrobe. The color of the shearling is modern and spot on for this season. Pair it with a dress or sweat/skirt combo to really be in the Christmas cold weather spirit.

I hope you enjoyed this post, have fun being stylish!

*Also, Nasty Gal DID NOT sponsor this post.

Fashion Blogger Advice+Fall Trends

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. I had to take care of some personal matters these past couple of weeks. I want to thank you all for the support on my last post, I really appreciate it. Jackie Cruz read it and loved it! I love Orange is the New Black and to have one of my favorite actresses tweet me telling me how much she loved my blog post made my day. It’s nice having small things like that bring a smile to your face.

I wanted to share an interview I did recently. I had the chance to interview Kelly a local beauty and fashion blogger here in Pittsburgh. Kelly was kind enough to allow me to ask her questions about fall trends. Due to unforeseen events I wasn’t able to do my original interviews, but promise you have something cool for you all in a couple of weeks.

Check out the interview here, and let me know what you what you have in your fall wardrobe.

Como La Flor+ How To Style


Orange is the New Black actress Jackie Cruz recently released a cover of Selena Quintanilla’s hit song Como La Flor. Como La Flor was a major hit for Selena. The song is about a girl who watches her lover fall for another girl. She watches the love she once shared with him wither away like a flower.

Not only did Jackie do an amazing job covering the song, but she did an amazing with the fashion for the video. From red lips to denim, the video showcases an urban fashion vibe giving the 90s hit song a modern twist.

I picked out a few way’s to recreate the styles Jackie wears in the video.

A great red lipstick is your first item to get.

Photo credit: Besame Cosmetics CLICK THE PHOTO TO PURCHASE
Photo credit: Besame Cosmetics


I swear by this lipstick, a few years ago I was sent this particular shade cherry red  to review and fell in love with it. The lipstick not only comes in a gold tube but the actual lipstick never moves from your lips. It’s perfect for long busy days, because you rarely have to fix it.

Photo credit CastawayVintage

A vintage denim jacket adds a cool girl vibe to your outfit. It screams urban chic. Toss it over a tee and a pair of ripped dark colored jeans or a skirt.



Photo credit petitepanoply
Photo credit petitepanoply

A band tee is a great way to recreate Jackie’s look from the video. It’s an effortless addition to your outfit. Bonus points if you find a band you really like. my favorite thing about band tees is the versatility they offer. I’ve dressed them down and dress them up. It’s a blank canvas.


I hope you all enjoyed the cover and the fashion tips!


Handbag History

I’m kind of obsessed with designer handbags, I only own three. One I bought from a major sell and the other two were gifts from the designers when I used to fashion blog. I hope to have a great career where I’m able to spend money on cool bags, but until then I’ll just admire from my computer screen. I decided to put together a timeline( I know fancy, right?) of all of the popular bags. It’s like a history lesson but about you’re learning about something that actually interests you. I hope you enjoy!

Shopping Habits

Hey guys! I thought I would share some cool information with you all. I did a survey not to long ago to find out of information about people ad their shopping habits. I chose to do this because of some recent shopping I did and how I shop. For instance, you may find this hard to believe but I only shop for clothes the beginning of the fall season. There’s a reason for this. I’m able to get all of the summer clothes on sell for the next summer, get a few pieces for fall, and a winter coat for the colder months. I wear a mixture of my fall and summer clothes for the spring. Of course throughout the year I purchase an item I like but right when fall begins is when I do my “big shopping trip.”

I was curious about how others shop for clothing. What influences them, who influences, how often do they shop, etc? Of course this was a very small amount of individuals so I highly doubt this gives an accurate account for all shoppers. It was fun though, and I did find out things I wasn’t expecting. For example, celebrities don’t play a huge role in the way people shop. This is important because you have to wonder if those celebrities are even making a difference. Again, this is a small percentage of people. Maybe celebrities do make a difference.

People are also very likely to shop in the fall I’m not alone. This makes me wonder what are the reasons they do this. Does my shopping habit actually work, or am I just fooling myself?

Fashion is art, but it’s also money. You know that seen in The Devil Wears Prada? Well, it’s very true. Fashion plays a role in all of our lives, even if you don’t care about fashion.

chart two

chart three

chart four

chart five


Flannel+Nifty Thrifty Review


Hello! The weather hasn’t been so bad and I’ve been able to wear my new flannel. I have a funny story about this flannel though. I actually ordered it online from Nifty Thrifty. The cool thing about this shop is that you receive a mystery flannel. This means that the only thing you choose is the size you want. They then send you out a vintage worn in flannel. I love this, mostly because with any vintage piece of clothing I like to think of the story that goes with it. Who wore this shirt? What was their story?  This is probably just the writer in me but I think the best part about vintage clothing is knowing that there’s a story with everything you buy.

If you’re wondering why I bought something like this online instead of going to my local thrift store after I suffocated you all with thrifting info  I’ll tell you why. For one thing I was curious about the mystery flannel trend, yes it’s a trend going on right now. I also just didn’t have time to go to a physical store. Of course I paid a few extra dollars for one flannel when I would have only paid half the amount for a couple at a physical store. Either way I think that it was fun to get a mystery vintage item in the mail. I lucked up and received my favorite color, so that’s a plus to it.

If you don’t mind spending an extra couple of dollars on a flannel you won’t know the color of until you receive it, I say check out Nifty Thrifty. They’re understanding and offer exchanges and returns. Happy Autumn guys, get out and enjoy something pumpkin flavored or go to a baseball game in your flannel, maybe a Pirates game(totally didn’t watch the game this week), maybe not. The choice is yours.