Alex Perry+Working in the Fashion Industry


Photo belongs to Alex Perry
Photo belongs to Alex Perry
Photo belongs to Alex Perry

The fashion industry is a whirlwind of an industry to work in. Trends determine everything. Style is key. To many this industry seems intimidating but to a few it seems like a dream come true.  Working in the field of your dreams is satisfying and Alex Perry, a graduate of Point Park University knows this all too well.  Perry was a journalism major at Point Park and the former Fashion Club president. She used all of her skills learned here is Point Park to build herself a nice career for a recent college graduate.

Perry had a different idea as to where her career would go when she was still in school. “I started school wanting to write for Rolling Stone, transitioned into wanting to write fashion, and ended up doing that,” Perry said. Now she works for the online fashion company Zulily as a copywriter. “I write copy for Zulily, and get to write about everything from apparel to gear to beauty. I still blog as often as I can and recently launched my own business,” Perry explained.

Perry took a different route as a journalism major in school and decided to take PR-related internships. This helped her determine that she wanted to join together the story-telling part of journalism and the “interactive side of PR.”  An interesting fact about Perry is that she went through school never questioning if “Will this get me a job?” she did it because she loved it “I loved writing, I loved my school, so I went with it.” Perry said.

A highlight about working the fashion industry for Perry is the passion people have. She loves witnessing how others view fashion as an art form and not just in a materialistic matter. Even though she’s working in the industry now, she still has more things in mind, “I’m working on making my own dream job. I would like to work from home while managing social media for businesses as well as running events, engaging a readership, collaborating with other talented individuals, getting work published, traveling to cover fashion shows and events, spending time volunteering and building up my community.” Perry explained.

When asked about what trends she’s looking forward to she said she’s looking forward to western inspired fashion.  She also had some tips for the college student interested in updating their wardrobe, “A tip I would have been given years ago – work on a capsule wardrobe. Stop stocking up on .cheap, limited-longevity threads. Invest in good boots, good jeans, opt for organic cotton and buy local.” Not surprising,  when asked about her biggest accomplishment she said giving birth and raising her one year old daughter was, along with graduating from Point Park two months after giving birth.

Sometimes in school you may feel like you’re lost or that you need direction. Wanting to be in the fashion industry can be an overwhelming thought. But as you can see, it can be done. If you work hard and stay true to yourself anything is possible.

Be sure to check out Alex Perry’s website  Perry Rose Media

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How Fashion Helped Me+Advice

My mom sent me to school with a hat to match my sweater. I planned this outfit for days. When I got to school the teachers told me I couldn't wear the hat in my photo. I responded by saying,
My mom sent me to school with a hat to match my sweater. I planned this outfit for days. When I got to school the teachers told me I couldn’t wear the hat in my photo. I responded by saying, “but the hat makes it an outfit.”
Fashion lover at an early age

I know this isn’t completely fashion related but I wanted to share something with you all. I know that life can get overwhelming at times and that all we want to do is stay in bed, but I promise you the best thing to do is stay in bed for a bit and then get out and go into the world. Maybe you have anxiety or depression, or maybe your day is just bad. I deal with anxiety and throughout the years I’ve come up with ways to deal with it. Some things work sometimes, and some don’t, but there’s no harm in trying.

I thought I would make a list of things I do to feel better when I have a bad day. You’ll be surprised to know that I use fashion to cope sometimes. When I was younger I hated going outside, mostly because I started to realize that I was different because of my wheelchair. A lot of times people would stare and ask my mom rude questions. It was awful, but I took solace in playing dress-up in my mother’s closet. I loved her handbags and her clothes. I would spend hours in her closet. I think that’s when I started to love fashion.

I was five during that time, and when I was ten I thought of an idea that would forever change my outlook on myself. If people were staring and asking rude questions, I would give them a reason to stare. I would use my love of fashion in my favor. I would  dress up the way I dressed up in my mothers closet. It felt empowering and I conquered a small part of my anxiety. That’s just one way, but I have a few others:

  1. Write it down. After a bad breakup that sent my already present anxiety through the roof I started a blog, I already had a fashion blog, but I needed an outlet for my feelings. That’s how S.A. the Writer was born almost three years ago.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with getting professional help, actually it’s great. Sometimes you need an unbiased ear.
  3. Listen to music! It helps me out a lot when I’m feeling down. My go to artists are Selena Quintanilla, Fiona Apple, and Kid Cudi.
  4. Go outside. Fresh air is amazing.
  5. Treat yourself. You want a new sweater? Get it. You want a new box of tea? Get it. Don’t punish yourself, love yourself. Your anxiety or sadness isn’t a bad thing about you, it adds to your story.
  6. Take photos, of everything. There’s nothing like keeping memories on photo paper.
  7. Hear someone else’s story. Trust me, you’re never alone.
  8. Sleep is your friend. Rest your body and your soul.
  9. Hangout with people who love you.
  10. But don’t be afraid to let go of the people who don’t.

I hope this helps someone. I know it’s not really a fashion post, but I thought it would be nice to share.

Pittsburgh+Thrift Shops


View Thrift Shop Map in a full screen map

Hey guys! I love thrift shopping and get a lot of my clothes from them. I live in Pittsburgh and decided that a list of local shops would help out anyone that was interested! I also have 7 tips for when you go shopping

  1. Be open-minded.It’s a thrift shop so don’t go there with a specific item in mind. You probably won’t find it. Be open to everything.
  2. Look out for items that are way too damaged to be fixed.
  3. But don’t be afraid to fix small damages, like rips or lost buttons.
  4. Stock up on sweaters and flannels. There will be many, so enjoy the amount.
  5. DIYing is your friend. Pinterest  has so many ideas to update clothes.
  6. Wear a small amount of clothes for easier trying on experience.
  7. Buy something that you wouldn’t normally wear..

Ready for Fall+Karlas Closet


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for cool weather Fall is the best season for me. I get to layer up when I’m cold and and overall feel cozy. Fall fashion is my favorite, the sweater, the flannel, and the coziness. I’ve been wearing the same cardigan/shawl thing for a few day now and I am so happy that I can wear it without passing out from heatstroke. It’s comfy and I got it on sale.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers is Karla Deras of Karlas Closet. I love her style and her confidence in the clothing she wears. She’s great. I wanted to share some inspiration for Fall that I got from looking at an old post of hers, that you can checkout here to see all of the photos.

ny45 ny25

Photo belongs to Karla Deras
Photos belong to Karla Deras

What’s In My Bag+Slideshow

Hello lovely people! I’ve been so busy this weekend, and technology hates me I’ve realized. But that’s okay because tomorrow is a new day and let’s hope it treats me better.

Now I have to confess something to you all. I have an obsession. I’m obsessed with looking at what people carry around with them. I know it may be creepy, but it really amazes me. You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry in their purse. I actually put together a slideshow of what I carry around with me. You can check it out HERE. I would love it if you guys could try to figure me out by just looking at the contents in my bag.



I wanted to update you all about my last post. My intentions were only to voice my opinion and not to come off as aggressive.towards anyone. I spoke with Sara and we both agreed that there was a sense of miscommunication in her article. She reassured me that she has all of the respect for fashion bloggers and that she supports local fashion bloggers. She was very kind and understanding, and gave me her email address to talk to her if I ever needed to. She will be clarifying her article soon, and I will be sure to share that with you all.

Dear Sara Bauknecht+Fashion Bloggers



Hi Sarah, I’m Shalida I’m a journalism student at Point Park University. I read your article about NYFW and I have to be honest and say that it was written well, but your attitude towards fashion bloggers, or I think you called us ” self-described internet sensations” was very mean, almost degrading.

I’m 23 right now and when I was 17 I started a fashion blog called The Fashion Wheel. I did this blog for a few years but decided to move on from it. I can say that it helped me grow as a young journalist and introduced me to the fashion journalism world.  It was my job, I was a kid but it was my job. I loved every moment of it. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me.

This is my new fashion blog. I decided to start a new one for a class and because I honestly missed the fashion blogging community. A community full of hard workers that put money, time, and effort into their JOB. Sara, you work for the Post-Gazette, you work for a publication and that is the only thing that separates you from us.

Brands contact us to work on projects, designers invite us to their shows, because we have a following, we have supporters, we are the future of this industry.  Journalism is changing, fashion journalism is changing. I have to learn about blogging and social media in order to get my journalism degree. You can’t ignore that Sara. We’re not just some silly girls siting in our rooms taking photos of our closets. We are studying trends, we are studying designers, we are working so hard. Please don’t think I’m being disrespectful, but maybe harder than you, because we don’t have a publication to back us up. We do it on our own.

Not only did you unknowingly insult me but you insulted the other local fashion bloggers here in Pittsburgh. We love this city and want to showcase it’s fashion scene. We admire the Post-Gazette, we dream of working there and being fashion writers, and we hope our skills as bloggers will help us get there. Madison is a fashion blogger and journalism student at Point Park also in Pittsburgh, she is also my best friend. She went to Teen Vogue this past spring to learn about the industry. She works hard and deserves everything she gets.  Alex Perry is a recent graduate of Point Park and now works for Zulily as a writer, I can guarantee you her blogging skills helped her get that job.

I’m asking you to please respect us as your equal. We’re not given things. We work very hard for what we have. Fashion blogging isn’t going anywhere. Don’t unintentionally insult your future coworkers, or maybe editors.